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Houses for sale in Fairbanks Alaska

Houses for sale in Fairbanks Alaska will typically fall within the median price of $215,000. Homes for sale in Fairbanks Alaska generally include single-family residential homes, ranch properties, and properties that include large acres of land that can be used for an endless amount of purposes; they are located in a busy and thriving community that has unique differences from other areas of the country. The Fairbanks community highly appreciates the fine arts in multiple forms. Watch a stunning performance by The North Star Ballet Company, a company that features dancers and performers of various ages in high quality, pre-professional staged productions. Such productions include The Nutcracker, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella. The North Star Ballet Company performs in Fairbanks’ renowned Hering Auditorium. The company also has their own ballet school that is composed of eight years of classical ballet instruction for the prospective student, holds dance camps, and hosts summer dance intensives. Another form of fine arts in Alaska involves the creation of larger-than-life ice sculptures during Fairbanks’ famous annual World Ice Art Championships. Competitors from all over the world compete in this event. After judging is completed, the immaculate sculptures go on display for public viewing. This is a wonderful event to bring children to as 4 acres of the park is dedicated to being a kid’s playground, which includes famous larger-than-life characters that kids will recognize, slides to slide down, and challenging mazes to escape from made out of 100% ice! These are just some of the benefits to exploring houses for sale in Fairbanks Alaska.

Fairbanks Alaska Houses for Sale

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