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I have had the opportunity to work with brokers on 3 occasions in the past and Traci was by far, the most diligent and insightful person to work with. Traci interviewed us and got a feel of who we are, our interests in the community and what we were looking for in a home. Not only was she focused on locating a home for us, but she kept other important factors in mind as well. Factors like where our clinic was going to be, where we would primarily conduct our business, what schools our kids would be attending, direction of growth and development in the community now and in the future. Her attention to detail was impeccable and undying. With Traci, you not only get her, you get a team of Bankers, Lending agents, Engineers, and Title agents that she has handpicked because she believes that “they are the best”. Traci made the purchase of our home in this community not only enjoyable, but efficient and stress free. When we had a concern, or questions, she would answer the question and follow it with “but that’s nothing you need to worry about, I will handle that”.

Todd Lovell DC* Ridgeview Chiropractor